Your Support Structures

Have you ever tried to lose weight without telling anyone? Chances are you didn’t succeed for very long. Either your secret got out or you failed to maintain your weight loss.

Most things in life go better when we have the support of those around us!

According to some theories there are two types of people in the world; those who get energised by relationships and those who get drained by them.

All of us however, know the experience of having someone around who saps you of your energy and resilience. On the other hand, having healthy, mutual relationships with the sort of people who energise, motivate and support you is wonderful.

Here at Relational Coaching we can help you map your relational networks and consciously identify where your relational support is coming from. We can help you formulate strategies for –

  • maximising positive input into your life without becoming a nuisance
  • maintaining contact with difficult people without being drained by them.

Relational Coaching finds Help!