You Can “Outsmart Depression”

The “Outsmarting Depression” program helps you overcome depression by understanding the way your thoughts are linked to your mood and by learning practical skills to break free from the cycle of depression.

The three levels of thinking involved –

  • Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) which spring to mind when bad things happen.
  • Conditional Beliefs which usually take the ‘if – then’ form, such as, “If I try harder then I won’t feel so bad!”
  • Core Beliefs; what we think about ourselves at a deep (often hidden) level, eg. “I’m hopeless!”

The group will help you discover patterns in the way you explain situations to yourself, including the three elements of –

  • Permanence; how long will a negative effect last, eg. “I’ll never get better!”
  • Pervasiveness: where will negative effects be experienced, eg. “I mess up everything I try!”
  • Personal; to what extent is a negative experience my fault, eg. “I’m so stupid!”

“Outsmarting Depression” uses tested methods to help you learn lifelong skills to think differently, feel better and greatly reduce depression!

The program is made up of six one hour sessions (conducted weekly) and take home skill development exercises.

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