The Social You

If we were animals we would all be out in the herd grazing together, mating, finding safety with the mob and working out where we fit in the pecking order.

All of us need others. Of course, some relationships are more important than others, but a healthy relational life has a variety of types of relationship.

At different times in our lives we may find that a healthy balance of relationships is hard to maintain. Sometimes it may need to be re-established completely. Often the loss of one significant relationship may mean that we withdraw from others. In a similar way, business focus or work stress can reduce the variety of our relationships we enjoy. Perhaps you have had to invest time and emotional energy into particular tasks or people that left you with few resources for yourself or others.

Maintaining, developing or redeveloping healthy social lives can be more difficult than we imagine. Here at Relational Coaching we understand both the importance and the difficulties of social relationships. We will coach and support you so that you can connect with confidence.

Relational Coaching can Help