As we help people think about and manage their relationships, larger questions of personal significance, values, and direction often emerge. How our clients answer these questions is important to us here at Relational Coaching as these answers will have a profound effect on most aspects of relationship. We are not afraid to ask these questions and to support you in articulating your responses.

Sometimes (but by no means always) people move in spiritual directions as they explore these questions and their impact on personal relationships. Here at Relational Coaching we are happy to provide some introduction to spiritual questions, especially as they relate to your relationships. We will not however –

  • impose our own spiritual beliefs on you,
  • act as a spiritual director or guide, or
  • refer you to, or commend, any spiritual activity, teacher or group which does not have community recognition and an outward looking, relational orientation.

Relational Coaching can also provide you with a sounding board on which to test new and emerging spiritual ideas.

Relational Coaching can Help!