Skills & Knowledge

Here at Relational Coaching we have built a unique knowledge and skill base. We are committed to our own personal and professional learning and growth.

We draw on a wide variety of sources and perspectives from ancient and modern times and from a variety of cultures. A few of the many who have influenced, helped, challenged and/or inspired us are –

  • Hugh McKay on our place in Australian society,
  • John Kotter on leadership and management
  • M Scott Peck, on relationship and self,
  • Edward Debono on creative thinking/problem solving,
  • Gerard Egan on helping,

various writers on,

  • practical communication theory;
  • personality theory;
  • systems theory;

leading edge research,

  • Relational Proximity; a way of looking at relationships which examines the foundations on which they are built, Schluter & Lee

traditional stories and writings,

  • Greek philosophers
  • scriptures and spiritual writings
  • Aboriginal dreaming

Ultimately however, every meeting and every contact is a learning and growing experience. Everyone we meet can teach us and we regard all our clients as collaborators in the learning and growing process. For that reason we look forward to meeting you.

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