For Managers & Bosses

Help with Staff

Relational Coaching can identify and coach employees who don’t fit into your team, eg.

  • a staff member performs well and deserves to move up, but you are worried about how they will get on with other staff. Coaching provides a framework for personal development which can be assessed over time.
  • an employee is not performing well and is disturbing your team but you want to be careful about dismissing them. Coaching can;
    • help them find ways forward (or out)
    • help you fulfil your responsibilities as an employer.

Help with Business

Relational Coaching can help you build quality relationships with suppliers, customers and partners which deliver commercial advantage and personal satisfaction. For example;

we can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your most important relationships, including; communication, common purpose and mutual co-operation.
coaching gives you an impartial sounding board which enables you to get a second opinion, let off steam or clarify your values.

Help at Home

We understand the pressures of business on personal life. Relational Coaching can help you be the sort of partner, parent or person you want to be outside of work. See our at Home page.