How It Works

Typical Contract

Relational Coaching is personal and will normally be conducted face to face in the area from Sydney to Newcastle. Coaching can be conducted at your workplace or home, our office or a neutral venue. Follow-up email and/or phone contact by agreement.

Each face to face consultation is billed separately in advance (not three months in advance as with many coaches). Consultations are usually one hour in length and are usually conducted weekly for continuity and maximum benefit to you.

Some coaching projects reach satisfying conclusions within one or two weeks (especially family conference/facilitation projects). These usually attract a higher fee because of their intense nature. Other clients are happy to have open ended projects. Some start with weekly consultations and then drop back to monthly check-ups. Generally, you can expect to see real and lasting progress on your project in around six weeks.

The cost of each consultation will be agreed prior to the first consultation, in the range $35-$75 /hour depending on the complexity and expected length of coaching project and a subsidy for low income clients.

At all times you will be treated with respect and invited to own the process. Relational Coaching aims not only to help you address particular issues but also to impart skills and knowledge which will be of ongoing help.

Relational Coaching is Worth It!