For Youth

You have probably met people who have a two step view of life –

No matter how they look at things there are no shades of grey, you are either an adult (like them) or immature – a child, irresponsible, (not like them). Here at Relational Coaching we call such people “steppers.” They are a step above you and they may well be stepping on you now. Unfortunately steppers often treat everyone this way, not just young people. It is even possible to have “stepper” attitudes as a young person. Young steppers will put down their peers for their immaturity and they will be hanging out for that magic moment when all their difficulties disappear as they step up onto the next level.
A different way of thinking about life is provided by the “perfectionist.” They have a simple diagram for life too –

The perfectionist believes that every day in little ways we get more and more mature – learning, growing, developing; everything is very ordered and regular. Unfortunately, life isn’t as simple as this either. Sometimes “perfectionists” will go to extreme lengths to impose the order they want in life.

Here at Relational Coaching we know that life is pretty complex and all of us, whatever our age, are on a journey which probably looks more like this –

Life is full of ups and downs. Not expecting it to be something it isn’t is one of the most important life skills anyone can learn. There are perhaps more ups and downs for youth because there are many more decisions to make and experiences to have, than at other times of life.

Relational Coaching is a unique way of being with you through the ups and downs of life. We will try not to judge you or give you advice you don’t ask for, but we can help you work out what you want in life, what’s important and how to get it. We will always encourage you to accept responsibility and to respect yourself and those around you.

Coaches don’t force people to be players, but in the game of life, every player can benefit from a coach!

Don’t let money be the reason you don’t call.

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