For Workers

In the workplace there are many stresses on relationships. Some of the most important are –

  • demanding customers or clients
  • management difficulties
  • home or social issues that intrude into work

Relational Coaching can Help

Relational Coaching can help you manage difficult customers. Coaching is the ideal way to help you anticipate difficulties, plan strategies and take effective action that will satisfy customers without leaving you feeling like you have been walked over.

Relational Coaching is also uniquely equipped to help you give honest and helpful feedback to management without blowing your chances for promotion or job security. We will help you express your concerns clearly while minimising unhelpful reactions. We will help you frame your suggestions and comments in ways that management are more likely to listen to.

At different times we find that things outside of work affect our performance at work. Relational Coaching can get alongside you (before the boss gets on your back) and help you identify sources of stress and what you can do about them.

We support you so that you can perform as you would like (and as others have come to expect).

Relational Coaching Works at Work!