For Parents

Parenting is full of paradoxes –

  • We worry about our children but want to have confidence in them.
  • We work hard for them but want them to be independent.
  • We are fully committed to them but know that we will have to let them go sometime.
  • We want to avoid our parents weaknesses but frequently find ourselves repeating them.

Parenting may very well be the most important task in our lives, but all too often we are left to it without many resources. Often we have only three alternatives, our parents, our friends or therapy. Relational Coaching is a valuable additional resource in the parenting task.

You can ask for help with confidence!

Relational Coaching is personal, we treat every person and every family as individuals worthy of the highest levels of respect.

We not only have professional skills and experience, but we have our own children and live in the real world of parents.

Relational Coaching gets alongside you in the whole process of parenting to help you identify your needs, goals and values and turn them into practical realities in everyday life.