Here at Relational Coaching we encourage and actively seek your feedback. If you would like to feedback to us about our site or your coaching experience please contact us. Below are some comments from people who have trusted us with their coaching projects –

“A special gift in communicating with people and seeing things clearly.”

“…helped me to put things into perspective, and to focus on what was important.”

“[With the help of Relational Coaching] I was able to maintain a positive attitude during a difficult period and remain productive in resolving the issues at the time.”

“At first I was unsure of what to expect from coaching but with my coach’s trust, respect, skills and communication, I soon felt more at ease in opening up and in turn easier for my coach to point out important points, and give instructions and tools for me to help myself. This experience has been lifechanging for me. My coach helped me see things I couldn’t see for myself.”

“I never felt judged for what I was going through or the decisions I made, and only ever felt supported”

[Relational Coaching] understood my needs and insecurities and helped me rediscover confidence and passion in my relationships.

“Life is all about relationships – with our partners, parents, children, workmates, etc. We constantly hear, and know, how important relationships are to our lives but often feel we don’t have time in our modern lives to give what’s needed to nurture them. Even more importantly, I believe we don’t know what to do or what to give our relationships to make them work. I believe Relational Coaching has a special ability in giving people the tools they require to work on their relationships and as a consequence help them improve their lives.”