Extended Family

If there weren’t in-laws there wouldn’t be in-law jokes. So, just for fun,¬†Apart from the jokes and the good natured fun, there is a serious side to our extended family.

We all have extended families and pretty much all of them have their ups and downs, black sheep, skeletons in closets and other eccentricities.

Ways Relational Coaching can Help!

Relational Coaching can facilitate family conferences. These are most useful when important decisions are required quickly for family crises and matters like oversees postings, aged care, inheritance and funeral arrangements. We use our high level communication and mediation skills for the whole family at these times.

But you do not need to get everyone agreeing around a table for you to be able to make a positive input into your extended family. Relational Coaching can tutor you in the dynamics of extended family systems and help you maintain your personal integrity without withdrawing from, or preaching at, your family.