What makes us Unique?


Here at Relational Coaching we have over twenty years of paid, professional coaching experience in a wide variety of life situations.

There are not many people who call themselves life coaches who have been around for more than five or six years. The movement really began in 1992 when Thomas Leonard an accountant and financial planner in the San Francisco Bay Area founded Coach U to train coaches in helping clients with personal and lifestyle advice.

Prior to that however there was a long, if not highly recognised, history of what amounted to personal coaching.

For centuries the apprenticeship system has placed young men under the supervision of a tradesman. Often what was modelled and learnt went far beyond the limits of trade skills – the master often coached his boy into responsible adulthood as well as the trade.

Coaching and modelling also took place, and continue to take place, in the trade association, the sporting body, the service organisation and in some aspects of church life.

It is this rich history which has contributed so greatly to our experience here at Relational Coaching.

We draw on the valued resources of this variety of coaching contexts to now deliver a service which is personal, committed and cost effective.

Relational Coaching has Helped!